iProton Treatment System

Introduction to iProton Treatment System

Chinan Biomedical provides an integrated solution for the most advanced proton therapy system, called "iProton Proton Cancer Therapy System", which includes three main functional modules: proton synchrotron, proton beam transmission line system and proton radiotherapy room.



Chinan Biomedical’s "iProton Proton Cancer Therapy System" uses a synchrotron as the core of the proton therapy machine. It uses a novel, highly reliable, and high-performance solid-state high-frequency electromagnetic wave transmitter and a digital power supply system to provide The magnet power supply with high stability and low noise ensures the stability of the proton beam trajectory; a new digital longitudinal and lateral feedback system and a digital proton beam position finder are adopted to provide a sensitive and reliable proton beam trajectory correction mechanism. At the same time, it introduces the clinical needs of cancer medical treatment, and uses a synchrotron with transformable energy, with three-dimensional scanning treatment technology, six-dimensional positioning system, and real-time image processing to provide advanced proton cancer treatment technology.


The core technology of Chinan Biomedical are as follows:

Analysis and simulation of proton beam dynamics.

Design and manufacture of high frequency resonant cavity and LLRF control system.

Design and Development of Accelerator Control System.

Design and development of the treatment control system.

Proton synchrotron system hardware design and assembly test.

iProton proton therapy system software and hardware integration design and effectiveness verification


iProton linear accelerator


The basic principle is to use a fast-changing electric field to drive protons to accelerate. With the rapid conversion of positive and negative electricity, the electric field generated at the corresponding position can be repelled or attracted, thereby allowing the protons to gain more kinetic energy. The high-energy proton beam can be used to generate radiation sources required for high-order radiotherapy, radioisotopes required for the production of nuclear medicines, and the research and verification of relativity or quantum mechanics theories in advanced physics.


RF Cavity


Chinan Biomedical's own design, development and manufacturing is the core of the proton synchrotron, which is the high-frequency resonance cavity (RF Cavity) that provides particle acceleration energy. The resonance cavity, like the human heart, provides a The accelerating voltage further increases the energy carried by the proton beam in the accelerator.


Control System


Six-Axis Patient Support System Operation Interface of TCS



LINAC system operating interface of ACS