Chinan Biomedical Technology, INC is a medical equipment manufacturer with "clinical experience" innovative design/development/manufacturing of proton cancer treatment equipment as its core business. Founded in 2010, the founder of Chinan Biomedical Technology, INC-CEO Chen Jinan introduced the clinical experience of proton therapy at the MGH Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and innovated the way of industry-university-research cooperation , A cancer proton equipment technical team integrating international related technologies.
Chinan Biomedical Technology, INC uses synchrotron as the core of the proton therapy machine, and adopts AI digitized solid-state high-frequency electromagnetic wave transmitter with high reliability and excellent performance, as well as a digital power supply system to provide high stability and low noise. The magnet power source of the news, and then ensure the stability of the proton beam orbit. At the same time, it introduces the clinical needs of cancer medical treatment, and uses a synchrotron (70-250 MeV) with transformable energy, with three-dimensional scanning therapy technology (IMPT), six-axis spatial positioning system (Z-Robot couch), and real-time image processing ( in room CT/CBCT) to provide advanced proton-targeted cancer treatment technology.
Chinan Biomedical Technology, INC takes Taiwan R&D and global marketing as its purpose. The company's product planning integrates Taiwanese and international advanced technologies to provide high-quality proton equipment at a reasonable price. It is expected to reduce the cost of proton therapy equipment construction and rationalize patient treatment costs, which will benefit more Many cancer patients.


The core Technology of Chinan Biomedical are as follows::

  • Analysis and simulation of proton beam dynamics
  • Design and manufacture of high frequency resonant cavity and LLRF control system
  • Design and Development of Accelerator Control System ACS
  • Design and development of the treatment control system TCS
  • Proton synchrotron system hardware design and assembly test
  • iProton proton therapy system software and hardware integration design and effectiveness verification