2010/07 : Chinan Biomedical Technology , Inc. was established with a share capital of NT$1 million.

2010/08 : Held an international seminar on heavy ion therapy and medical accelerators.

                 Become a project counseling object of the Executive Yuan Global Investment Center.

2010/10 : Entered Hsinchu Science Park.

2011/01 : Technical consultants return to Taiwan for technical specifications meeting.

                 Signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Accelerator Laboratory of National Tsinghua University.

2011/07 : Entered Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.

2011/08 : Completed the first round of capital increase of NT$63 million.

2011/10 : Signed a cooperation agreement with the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center to take effect.

2012/03 : Signed an MOU with the Japan International Particle Beam Project Support Center to open a preparation room.

2012/05 : Won the NT$4 million R&D and advanced industry-university cooperation project of the Science Industrial Park.

2012/12 : Won the 101st Innovative Research Award of the Science Industrial Park Administration.

2013/05 : Won the 15th Golden Peak Award of the Outstanding Enterprise Managers Association of the Republic of China-Outstanding Entrepreneurship Model, Innovative R&D Two Awards.

2014/01 : Log in to the "Innovation Board" of the securities counter trading center (recommended by the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs), with a capital of NT$80 million (second round of capital increase), stock code 7416.

2014/03 : Won NT$8 million in the Small Business Innovation Research and Development Project (SBIR) of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

2014/08 : Won the 2014 Pacific Region APEC Challenge.

2014/10 : Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park iProton trial operation land officially leased.

2015/01 : Entered into the National Yangming University Incubation Center, and cooperated with the Department of Medical Engineering and the Department of Medical Radiology.

2015/03 : Prototype LINAC has been purchased-proton generation source and pre-accelerator.

2016/01 : Won an investment of 24 million from the National Development Fund of the Industrial Bureau.

2016/10 : Signed a letter of intent for clinical trial cooperation with Yadong Hospital.

2017/11 : Completed the construction of the prototype of the robotic arm treatment bed.

2019/06 : Z-Robot Patient Positioning System obtained FDA 510(k) pre-market notice and can be sold to the United States.

2020/06 : Z-Robot Patient Positioning System  obtained ISO-13485 certification.

2020/12 : Proton accelerator completed manufacturing.

2021/01 : Completed a cash increase of NT$84 million.